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Quietly making Fridge Magnets since 1994. Strong magnets with great quality printing. Ready when you need them. Standard shapes in most sizes or die cut for something really different. We can make a new shape for you or save some money and use an existing stock knife. Every order of fridge magnets receives free 50 vinyl stickers too. This is not a special - it's every order, everyday, so you can count on your customers coming back to you next time. *more info

ANOTHER GREAT OFFER.... buy 2500 or more magnets on this site, and get 500 magnets extra for FREE, along with your 50 stickers of course. End date June 30th.

Fridge Magnets

Over 350 different stock knives in all shapes and sizes. Plenty to choose from. A taxi, tap or truck. Download the template and create your artwork.

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Self Adhesive Patches

Sticky magnet patches, in standard sizes & special orders. We can supply for you to adhere yourself or send us your cards and we will adhere for you.

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